Angel McGee

I had been nervous about learning everything online, but having the support across the college’s services was really encouraging.

Education grad looks forward to a great teaching career

Gateway graduate Angel McGee started classes at the college a decade ago, but returned years later to complete building a foundation for her dream career. And her first experience at Gateway reassured her that it was the perfect place to finish her degree.

“I knew that Gateway was something I was comfortable and familiar with,” says Angel. “I went there when I was young, but I wasn’t ready for college back then. When I came back, I knew I liked the college and I knew the faculty were invested in really helping students.”

That investment in the student went above and beyond Gateway’s faculty. The college’s Tutoring Services helped Angel through challenging courses and gave her the confidence to persist through her academic program.

“I took advantage of the Tutoring Services. Math has always been a struggle for me, and the staff helped me and broke everything down to help me understand it. I took a lot of notes, and I was able to combine what I learned there with what the teachers taught me,” says Angel.

Completing the Foundations of Teacher Education associate degree, it’s the support Angel got across the college that helped her feel solid throughout the 100 percent online program.

“I had been nervous about learning everything online, but having the support across the college’s services was really encouraging.”

The support Angel received went even further upon her navigating two pregnancies during the course of her degree program.

“I was pregnant for much of the two years that I went to Gateway, but the college staff helped me when I needed extra time to finish coursework due to those pregnancies. They even gave me an extension when I had my twin babies just before I was supposed to graduate. And that extra time to finish everything up was so great,” says Angel. 

“I didn’t even know they had benefits for students like that, but Gateway helps pregnant students a lot. As long as you have clear communication with Gateway’s faculty and staff, they have your back.”

Gateway’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion supports students through these life events, working as the liaison between faculty and students to ensure the timely success of grads like Angel.

“All Gateway faculty were so understanding through my pregnancies,” says Angel. “They understood I was working hard to get this degree. I achieved mostly A’s through those two years, and the faculty knew that I had so many other things going on in my life, and I’m thankful they were accommodating.”

Today, Angel is working hard to achieve her dream of being a kindergarten or first grade teacher by getting her bachelor’s degree. But earning that degree will be built on Gateway’s work and student resources provided to her to help her succeed.

“If everything goes to plan, I will graduate soon. And all the credits I took at Gateway transferred to my bachelor’s program, which was perfect,” said Angel. “Once I get my bachelor’s degree, I really look forward to teaching full time. And it all started at Gateway."